Download Ver. 3 - für Windows

IMatch 3 – The Digital Image Management Solution For the first time ever, a single application contains everything you need to create, manage and publish digital image collections. With its state-of-the-art search and image matching technology, IMatch allows you to view and organize your image collection based on features like color, shape, and texture. In addition to the unique image matching features, IMatch also allows you to search and order your image collection based on over 50 other attributes.

The unique Dynamic Categories concept of IMatch enhances the simple keywording concept used by most other image management applications. It allows you to built multiple hierarchies on top of your image database, for example, hierarchies based on image content, clients / customers, and topic. You can even create complex relations between categories based on formulas to dynamically link images in your database. IMatch of course supports all relevant meta data standards, including IPTC, XMP and EXIF. In addition to standard EXIF compliance, IMatch also supports over 400 maker notes from different camera models.

IMatch understands and handles RAW formats from Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Kodak, Minolta, Olympus, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic and other camera vendors. New RAW formats are added frequently.

IMatch manages meta data, descriptions and all other type of information with a fully integrated object oriented property database. You can associate any type of information with your images and use this information for searching, sorting, printing, and all export modules. A variety of import filters allows you to import existing information (from text files, XML documents, IPTC files,…) into the property database within seconds. IMatch can handle hundreds of thousands of images per database on a normal PC. With its proprietary technology, it is able to handle databases which formerly could only be managed on large scale systems or computer clusters. All this amazing power is wrapped in a feature-rich and nice user interface,fully customizable to support all types of users.


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